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    Civic Guard in defense of the Church and the constitution

    We are organizing the Civic Guard to support the state services in defense against the wave of leftist barbarism, Adam Borowski, the head of the Warsaw club “Gazeta Polska”, a freedom activist during the communist era in Poland, stated.

    These days, there have been violent protests by left-wing activists in Poland against the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal which found eugenic abortion inconsistent with the Polish constitution. „Each of us can defend our faith and Poland in different ways: by being physically present in the streets as part of self-defense groups, by prayer or by being active on social forums,” Borowski emphasizes. „In recent days, we have had an unprecedented attack by groups of teenagers obsessed with hatred for Polish tradition and culture, hatred for Christian civilization, hatred for the civilization of life. Churches and religious symbols are profaned, priests are attacked, an attempt to overthrow the constitutional order is announced. The originators behind the arson of Poland are the politicians of the total opposition and their allies,” we read in the appeal.


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