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    One hundred percent increase in additional benefits for medical personnel

    On Sunday, the Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski, issued an order to the President of the National Health Fund that each person from the medical staff fighting Covid-19, along with paramedics and hospital laboratory diagnosticians, would receive 100 percent more remuneration in the form of an additional benefit.

    “The order I have issued appreciates the importance of medical personnel in dealing with coronavirus infections,” the Minister stressed.

    The order of the head of the Ministry of Health, signed on Sunday, was issued on the basis of one of the laws adopted to combat the coronavirus epidemic. It changes an earlier order from the Minister of Health in early September.

    “The increase in the amount of the additional benefit is to determine that this benefit is not to be equal to 50 percent as before, but 100 percent of the remuneration under the civil law contract of a given person. The maximum amount of the additional benefit is also increased from PLN 10 000 to PLN 15 000,” we read in the justification of the order.


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