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    Pro-choice protesters clash with the police in Warsaw

    Poland’s capital city witnessed yet another mass protest. The National Women’s Strike took to the streets of Warsaw yesterday, and the participants of the march were reluctant to speak to the media. Reporters of TV Republika witnessed acts of aggression and hostility. Although the organizers of the march push the blame of brutalizing social life onto others, they themselves are seen as adding fuel to the fire.

    On one side, the activists of the women’s strike speak of police aggression during their demonstration, but on the other they are aggressive towards journalists.

    “Can you promise me to ignore the Law and Justice party agents, also those dressed up as journalists? Can you tell them to f**k off? They all pretend to be journalists.” shouted Maria Lempart, the leader of the women’s strike, at the demonstration.

    This, however, was not the end. Today, the protesters did not allow our reporters to enter the press conference, despite the fact they had been invited.

    “You have nothing to wait for, you are only blocking the entrance, we will not let you in anyway.” said one of the activists to our TV crew.

    We asked politicians of the Left, who support the women’s strike, what they think about this type of behaviour.

    “I don’t know why activists of the women’s strike have this kind of attitude towards the media. Anyone can record what they are saying during the protests. The protests which are now taking place are just a sign of people being pissed off by the decision of the Constitutional Tribunal.” commented Krzysztof Gawowski, the leader of the Left parliamentary club.

    “I don’t want to comment on that, it was no one from my political camp so I won’t defend either side. I believe it’s important to speak with the media, to provide them with a coherent message. It should also be respectful, I won’t deny that.” followed Maciej Kopiec, also from the Left party.

    The yesterday protest was to block the building of the Sejm, the lower chamber of parliament, however, due to the police blockade the protesters marched in front of the building of the Polish Television. The community of the women’s strike accused the law enforcement of being too violent against the participants of the demonstration – tear gas was used against them. Some of the officers blended in with the crowd in civilian clothes and armed with expandable batons. The spokesman for the police explained they had no other choice than to use force.

    “The organisers of leftist manifestations are vulgar and aggressive. They openly encourage people to wage war and revolution, as well as to attack others. Then, they act surprised when their actions bear consequences.” stated Robert Winnicki from the Confederation party.

    However, activists of the women’s strike believe that it was the police that first crossed the line.

    “I have no doubts that aggression is also present on the women’s side. They are clearly provoking others to be aggressive.” said Waldemar Buda from the ruling Law and Justice party.

    Following yesterday’s protests, the police apprehended more than twenty demonstrators. Thirteen of them are to face charges.







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