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    Activists of the Women's Strike threaten policemen

    Justice Minister and Polish Prosecutor General, Zbigniew Ziobro has clearly indicated that making the names and addresses of policemen public is a crime. The politician instructed the Warsaw District Prosecutor’s Office to initiate proceedings in cases of such breaches. The decision comes in the wake of pro-abortion protests across the country.

    Subsequent protests related to last month’s ruling of the Constitutional Court on the anti-abortion regulations were held on Wednesday in Warsaw. Police officers used telescopic batons and pepper spray. 

    On Thursday and Friday, the images and data of police officers who took part in securing the demonstrations during the illegal women’s strike were published in social media. 

    “… The member of parliament seen in the video, after obtaining the name of the policeman, passes it on to the protesters. The officer’s wife has already started to receive hateful messages on her private Facebook profile.” tweeted the Polish Police.

    “Beautiful manipulation of the Police. Why did you omit the part that happened before and the reason why I asked for the officer’s name? Fortunately, TVN24 recorded it, while I managed to record the rest. Your officer hit and pushed a girl over a moment earlier. I demand an apology, and if you won’t make one, we will meet in court.” Joanna Sheuring-Wielgus, an MP of the Left, responded on Twitter.

    The Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro is initiating criminal proceedings. The General Prosecutor also assures that guaranteeing police safety is crucial.

    “The Polish State has a duty to protect the police. That is why I instructed the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw to initiate criminal proceedings against all persons who made the names and addresses of the officers public. Freedom is responsibility.” stated Zbigniew Ziobro, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General.

    On Friday, a spokesman for the Police Headquarters, Inspector Mariusz Ciarka, assured that “the police acts transparently and always emphasizes that anyone who feels wronged has the right to lodge a complaint or notice to the prosecutor’s office. This is the right of every citizen.” he said.



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