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    National Women's Strike refuses to let several journalists into a press conference

    Representatives of the Nationwide Women’s Strike organized a press conference at their headquarters in Warsaw, however, not all reporters were allowed to participate in the event. The leader of the Women’s Strike, Marta Lempart, decided not to allow inside the reporters from Telewizja Polska and Telewizja Republika, among others. As a result of a fight that broke out in front of the main entrance, one of the reporters was seriously wounded.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, the press conference of the Nationwide Women’s Strike is taking place behind these doors. Unfortunately, our station was not allowed to participate in this conference. Reporters from other tv stations, including Polish Television and Trwam Television, weren’t allowed inside either. We didn’t receive any response to our question why we cannot participate in this conference. Nor did we receive any response to other questions regarding the Nationwide Women’s Strike and the money they collected during different fundraisers. On their website, representatives of the Nationwide Women’s Strike have announced that the money collected during fundraisers will be allocated to the needs of the strike. Today, we wanted to participate in the conference, just like many other reporters. One of the reporters of Gazeta Polska has been pushed out of the door. Marta Lempart, leader of the Women’s Strike called the police.” said our reporter Ilona Januszewska at the Women’s Strike headquarters.  



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