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    Polish People's Party cuts its ties with the Kukiz'15 movement

    The alliance between the chairman of the agrarian Polish People’s Party, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz and the leader of the populist Kukiz’15 movement, Paweł Kukiz, which lasted a year and three months, was broken yesterday. The official reason was the vote on the resolution on budget negotiations in the European Union in which MPs from the Kukiz’15 movement took the side of the ruling Law and Justice party.

    The reason for the end of the alliance between the Polish People’s Party and the Kukiz’15 movement was the vote in the Polish sejm in which MPs from the Kukiz’15 movement, not including Agnieszka Ścigaj, supported the Law and Justice party resolution on budget negotiations in the EU. According to the representatives of the Polish People’s party, this is not the end of the Polish Coalition.

    “The Polish Coalition was established way before the Kukiz’15 movement joined it and this means that it will still exist. Now, the Polish Coalition consists of the Polish People’s party and the Union of European Democrats. Marek Biernacki’s Conservatives, which is now called the Entrepreneurs Association, want to join as well. So the new chapter begins.” stated Miłosz Motyka, the spokesman for Polish People’s Party.

    In a statement published on social media, the leader of the Kukiz’15 movement, Paweł Kukiz said that the coalition agreement did not apply to joint voting at Sejm sittings on matters other than those covered by the program agreement. However, in the opinion of the head of the Polish People’s party, support for the Law and Justice party resolution by MPs from the Kukiz’15 movement is a fundamental difference which ends further cooperation. 

    “There were many situations in which Kukiz gave his MPs different voting directives than the entire club of the Polish Coalition. Sometimes these commands were given in unimportant votes as if he wanted to show his otherness.” added Marek Sawicki from Kosiniak-Kamysz’s party.

    Paweł Kukiz; in turn, said his movement is to continue work in the form of a political circle, however, according to unofficial information, a part of Kukiz’15 movement MPs may join the Law and Justice party. 

    “Absolutely. We are open to everyone. We cannot exclude Kukiz’15 activists. But there are issues that must be related to the implementation of certain tasks, a certain program.” commented Wojciech Skurkiewicz, the deputy Minister of National Defence from the ruling party.

    Tomorrow, MP Agnieszka Ścigaj is likely to release a statement, in which she will make a decision to join the political circle of Paweł Kukiz. 




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