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    Saryusz-Wolski advises to wait out the German presidency

    “You don’t sit down at the table with cheats,” Jacek Saryusz-Wolski claims, proposing to wait out the current German presidency in the Council of the European Union and continue talks about the EU budget and the so-called rule of law in the new year.

    Currently, the presidency of the Council of the European Union is held by Germany – its presidency ends at the end of December this year. In an interview with Tomasz Sakiewicz, the Law and Justice party’s MEP admitted that a game was currently underway to divide Poland and Hungary, but in his opinion it was an “iron” alliance, like Germany and France.

    “The German presidency cheated, downgraded, deformed the summit’s arrangements,” the politician said.

    “You have to survive this month, wait for the Portuguese presidency, then the Slovenian presidency, because you do not sit down with frauds,” Saryusz said.

    The topic of the loyalty of Hungarians was also raised, as there were rumors that due to some concessions to their national minority in Romania, they could break out.

    “It is absolutely not possible (..),” said Saryusz-Wolski.


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