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    Christmas parcels will be given to the veterans of the Warsaw Uprising

    Food and sweets will be included, among others, in 665 Christmas packages which will be given to the insurgents. We want to show them that we remember, that we care about them, that they are important to us, said the director of the Warsaw Rising Museum, Jan Ołdakowski.

    Due to the pandemic, the Museum was unable to prepare a traditional Christmas Eve dinner for the insurgents. Therefore, an initiative of singing Christmas carols for them was organized, as part of which organizers invited them to create a music video for the insurgents for the song “They came to Bethlehem”.

    As noted by Ołdakowski, the aim of the initiative is to simply take care of the insurgents during this difficult time. 

    “When we think about them, we want to give them gifts that will be useful to them, will help them exist, and, importantly, they are organized every year by people of good will. Because with these packages, not only donors are involved. There is a lot of youthful, lively people who prepare, pack, deliver, and make sure that they arrive at the right time. Such social energy of volunteers, scouts, many of whom take part in it. It is an action in which you can get involved and make your dream come true, to help someone important, help those for whom it is more difficult to function today.” he said.


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