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    The authority of Greater Poland province warns against wolves

    Recently, the authorities of Chodzież and Pniewy in Wielkopolska (Greater Poland province) have warned the inhabitants of the confirmed cases of wolves presence. The foresters urge to keep calm and point out that wolves – like other wild animals – are in the forests, but they don’t care about meeting humans.


    The published report indicated that the wolves appeared in the area adjacent to the villages of Rataje and Pietronki. The authorities called on the inhabitants to pay special attention to the animals and to avoid walking in the forest and in the vicinity of forest areas.

    Deputy of the Forest Inspectorate of the Łopuchówko Forest Inspectorate, Piotr Szyszko emphasized that wolves were not characters from fairy tales and “it is not a novelty, that wolves are simply in forests”.

    “Last year, in our forest inspectorate, we recorded about 30 wolves, but we are talking about clues of existence,that is traces, observations, and animal remains – so they can double,” he said.

    “Is there anything to be afraid of? The wolf is a wild animal, it wanders around its territory for food. As with any other wild animal, everyone should be careful, but do not worry as long as you follow certain rules. It is known that, while in the forest, we should not throw away food, similarly, when we live near the forest, we should not encourage wild animals with thrown scraps from the table, for example behind a fence, which happens,” he added.


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