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    Polish government issues passport for Polish citizen in a coma in Great Britain and demands his return

    The life and death question has been raised by the case of Mr. Sławomir who is in a coma in Portsmouth hospital for several weeks now. Deemed brainless he has been sentenced to death after the hospital denied him food and water. His family in the UK is OK with that while the Polish family wants him back to the country. This is a front-page story and here’s an update: the Polish government issued a diplomatic passport for Mr. Slawomir and Warsaw Court demands to start feeding him and return to the country.


    For Pole who is dying of hunger and thirst in a British hospital in Plymouth, there is another light in the tunnel. Marcin Warchoł , Polish Deputy Minister of Justice had sent a request to the Uk Ministry of Justice for the transfer of MR Sławomir to Poland.

    “I have submitted to UK Ministry of Justice an application for transport of this individual to Poland”  stated Minister Warchoł. 

    The politician also emphasizes the importance of protecting the health and life of Poles, regardless of the country they happened to be in.  

    “My job as a member of the Polish government is to protect Poles particularly those in need, those experiencing hardships and life-threatening situations.” added Warchoł. 

    District prosecutor’s office in Warsaw applied to the court for the incapacitation of a Pole. The procedure is aimed at people who cannot decide for themselves, for example in the case of therapeutic therapy. The more so because British doctors, as in other cases of this type, asked the family of a hospitalized Pole for permission to collect organs in the event of his possible death. 

    Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a diplomatic passport and send it to the Polish Consul in London. This document will transfer the jurisdiction to the Polish courts. Poland is ready to receive admission and treatment.

    “From the logistic and medical point of view, we are ready, we are just waiting for a signal when such a possible transport can take place” said Waldemar Kraska, the deputy Minister of Health. 

    The Polish side of the family speaks about a small miracle because Mr. Sławomir is alive despite the eight days of starvation and thirst.  

    “My brother is now the 9th day without food and water. We are always waiting for information about the worst. At the same time, we hope that the minister and the government will succeed.” commented the sister of the Pole. 

    In recent days, the Polish officials worked on overdrive to reintroduce feeding to Mr Sławomir and transport him to Poland. The jury is still out regarding the outcome. 





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