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    Defense cooperation between Poland and the USA to enhance

    The head of the Ministry of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, announced on Thursday that he had talked with the head of the Pentagon, general Lloyd Austin, and confirmed that both sides would deepen defense cooperation between Poland and the US.

    “A good conversation with the US Secretary of Defense. We confirmed the deepening of defense cooperation between Poland and the United States. Together, we will strengthen and develop the deterrence and defense potential of Poland and the entire eastern NATO flank,” wrote Błaszczak on Twitter.

    He added that he had received an invitation to the Pentagon and that Lloyd Austin had accepted the invitation to Poland.

    On January 22, the US Senate approved general Lloyd Austin as the head of the Pentagon in the administration of President Joe Biden. A retired four-star general is the first Afro-American defense minister in US history.

    When asked about international affairs, the general announced that he would put emphasis on strengthening military alliances and that in terms of strategy, Asia and balancing China’s growing power would be a priority.


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