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    Half of children's caretakers in Poland want to get vaccinated

    So far, about 50 percent of employees of nurseries, children’s clubs, day carers and foster care institutions have applied for vaccination against COVID-19, the Minister of Family and Social Policy, Marlena Maląg, informed on Sunday.


    The second round of registration for vaccinations of employees of nurseries and children’s clubs, day carers and employees of foster care institutions begins today.

    The head of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy in an interview on TVP INFO said that so far about 50 percent of eligible employees in this group have applied.

    “This is over 21,000 people. We want this group to get vaccinated even more widely,” said Maląg.

    She recalled that registration for vaccinations is made on behalf of employees by the director of the facility.

    “We intend to vaccinate this group as soon as possible. By the end of March, this stage of vaccination will probably be over. Therefore, I encourage all carers of nurseries, children’s clubs, foster care, day carers to take advantage of this opportunity. We all long for normality,” emphasized the Minister of the Family.


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