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    Support for companies will be maintained

    “Part of the aid from the Anti-Crisis Shield will be continued, but it depends on the restrictions,” said government spokesman Piotr Müller. He added that those who would not be able to function would be offered assistance for the period of the restrictions.

    As the government spokesman pointed out, in proportion to the scope of the restrictions, some funds from the existing aid might be maintained. He added that some of these tools were months-long, such as liquidity instruments.

    “We hope that most entities will be able to gradually return to their pre-epidemic operations, while those who will not be able to function will be offered tools that will allow them to go through the period until which the restrictions apply,” said Piotr Müller.

    The government spokesman recalled that over PLN 208 billion of support went to the economy. He added that decisions regarding restrictions would be communicated on Wednesday.



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