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    Political scientist: Only Belarus was missing

    The declaration of the five presidents, signed in Warsaw, is of a solidarity and political nature, says Professor Zdzisław Winnicki, a political scientist from the University of Wrocław. The interlocutor of the portal added that Ukraine and Lithuania, the countries most at risk of possible aggression from the East, were particularly interested in the above-mentioned declaration.

    The presidents of Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia signed a declaration on continuing dialogue and cooperation between the states they represent. (..) It is a declaration of solidarity between the states of the common historical area. (..) It has a chance to initiate more intensive cooperation, and maybe even the integration of the aforementioned countries. One very important factor or ingredient was missing from this declaration. There was no Belarus. After all, it was signed on the anniversary of the Constitution of May 3 (…). (..) Ukraine, which is in a hybrid war with Russia, cared about this declaration. Lithuania also cared, as it is a NATO member, but is – as we know – a front-line state, most at risk of possible eastern aggression.



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