In the justification of the draft, it was stated that the president's legislative initiative was a response to a speech by community representatives and local authorities from the Wielkopolska region.

The project assumes that December 27 will be a public holiday: the National Day of the Victorious Wielkopolskie Uprising - to commemorate the uprising of 1918-1919 and pay tribute to its heroic participants.

It was stated that "the importance of the Wielkopolskie Uprising for the restoration of our homeland on the political map of Europe was difficult to overestimate." "It can be said that the Second Polish Republic would not exist in the shape we know, and perhaps it would not have survived, if not for the uprising of the Wielkopolska region," it was noted.

The document noted that the Wielkopolskie Uprising "was the most emphatic willingness expression to belong to the reborn Republic of Poland by the community +of the Poznań district+".