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    Gliński: I wish you all success in the field of art

    Thank you that you are constantly ready to multiply cultural goods, to increase its strength, when we look for the return of everyday life we know, wrote in a letter to the authorities and students of art schools for the inauguration of the academic year, Deputy Prime Minister, head of the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport, Piotr Gliński.

    The Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport, on the inauguration of the academic year 2021/2022, sent a letter to the authorities and students of art universities, in which he expresses his “hearty wishes for success in artistic, scientific and didactic work”.

    Gliński recalled that “the previous academic year was necessarily marked by the struggle with the global epidemic”.

    “The life of the university had to run in the rhythm of remote classes, intensive individual work of students and efforts of supporting them by the teachers. However, we did not stop our academic activity. Your persistence and an overwhelming will to carry out tasks, against all odds, led to the closing of the last academic year without prejudice to the level of studies and the skills of students,” emphasized Gliński.

    He added that classes in the coming academic year will start in full-time mode.

    “I hope that such organization of university work will no longer be disturbed by perturbations resulting from the epidemic situation. However, I strongly urge you to maintain all safety standards. Responsible behavior of each of us will help save from the disease both our relatives and people with whom we come into contact during our university activities,” wrote the Deputy Prime Minister.


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