Spokeswoman of the Border Guard, 2nd Lt. Anna Michalska informed on Friday (8 Oct) that the patrol of the Belarusian services fired shots on Thursday at the soldiers of the Polish Army who were patrolling the border with the Border Guard; the blank ammunition was probably used; nobody was hurt.


Referring to this information, the Prime Minister wrote on Facebook that there was a "hybrid war against Poland and the EU".


"There are only two sides to this conflict - either we will support the hard defense of Polish sovereignty, EU borders, democracy, human rights - or we will fit into the scenario of events devised in the Kremlin and Minsk," claimed the head of the Polish government.


"I am and will always stand firmly behind our soldiers and officers of the Border Guard. All the power of the Polish state is with you! I thank our services for a professional disposition and responsible attitude," Morawiecki added.


A spokeswoman for the Border Guard asked at a Friday press conference how the Polish side responded to provocations on the border with Belarus, assured that "Polish border guards cannot be provoked" because they know that it would escalate emotions.