The ceremony took place at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw. President Andrzej Duda reminded that the list of Historical Monuments is "a certain unique status that is given to an object, architectural and urban assumption".

"There are many different forms of these monuments here, which in a special way we want to dignify on the one hand, and the other hand, also to provide them with special protection," he emphasized.

President of Puławy, Paweł Maj, said that recognizing the role of the palace settlement and the historical and cultural heritage of the Czartoryski manor for Puławy and Poland was of great importance.

"Such honouring is, above all, prestige for the city, because there are only 114 historical monuments in Poland at the moment. This list often includes small objects, such as churches, and in the case of Puławy it is quite a large area, which allows tourists to visit and stay in the city for a longer period of time," emphasized Maj.