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    The packed migrants leave the campsite. Border Guard spokesperson: Some of them took logs of wood with them

    Packed migrants gathered at the Bruzgi border crossing on the Belarusian side left the campsite. So far, it’s not clear where they’re being directed. – We see that some of the group is taking logs of wood with them,” Lieutenant Anna Michalska, a spokeswoman for the Border Guard, said at a press conference.

    Today we reported, citing the findings of the Border Guard, that the migrants concentrated at the Bruzgi crossing in Belarus are packed up and leaving the campsite. This group has about 2000 people.


    Maciej Wąsik, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, referred to the case.


    “I received information that Lukashenko has put the first buses on which migrants board and leave. The campsite near Kuźnica is slowly becoming empty,” reported Maciej Wąsik.


    During a press conference, the spokeswoman of the Border Guard, Lieutenant Anna Michalska, confirmed that coaches are provided by the Belarusian side, but there are “few of them”.


    “We look forward to the course of events. The Belarusian side is completely unpredictable,” assessed Michalska.


    She added that some migrants who have left the campsite at the border crossing have taken logs of wood with them. Such logs can be used to destroy barbed wire fencing.


    Lt. Michalska pointed out that at present there was no other campsite on the Belarusian side of the border.


    “We know that there are groups deep in the forest, like near the village of Dubicze, where they try to cross the borders every night,” she added.



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