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    Destabilization for Russia [Spokesperson for the Minister Coordinator of Special Services' statement]

    Russian involvement in operation against Poland and the whole Eastern Flank of NATO is obvious. And that’s from the very beginning. The Kremlin’s responsibility is undeniable.

    The operation destabilizes Poland and the entire eastern flank of NATO uses the migration route. The objectives of these activities, however, are not limited to the issue of migration. The migrant movement is only a means to implement the strategy developed in the Kremlin. It has been implemented for years. Although the operation against Poland is carried out by the Lukashenka regime, we are dealing with actions that are under Russia’s control. It is the Kremlin who gave and gives political consent to Lukashenka’s actions.


    The regime’s operation in Minsk is an element of the Russian plan, the aim of which is to divide the societies and states of Central Europe, but above all, to break unity on the forum of NATO and the European Union. The ideal situation for the Kremlin would be the collapse or complete discredit and paralysis of both of these international structures. The operation against Poland, Lithuania and Latvia is an attempt to achieve these goals, so it is de facto carried out for Moscow.


    Knowing the realities of relations between Russia and Belarus, it is obvious that Lukashenka had to obtain Putin’s political approval to start operations on such a large scale. This is also clear given the number of agreements signed last year, which significantly strengthened the already strong domination of Russian security structures over Belarusian ones. Belarus, ruled by Alexander Lukashenko, is at best a Russian satellite state that remains fully dependent on the Moscow principal. It is in the Kremlin that the planners and strategists of aggressive actions against the West are carried out by Belarusian services.


    Lukashenka’s regime would not have dared to organize and conduct such a major operation against the West without the support of its political patron in the Kremlin. And it is not the government in Minsk, but that in Moscow that will try to politically discount the crisis created on its behalf by the Belarusian regime. Russia is already presenting itself as a potential conciliator and negotiator. It is known that the price of Russian “help” in “calming the situation” would be concessions to the Kremlin’s interests, and the benefits would in fact give it more opportunities to destabilize Europe. This is why the Russian authorities are so anxious not to associate Russia with the actions of the Lukashenka regime in any way. In the official message, the Kremlin elites pretend and will pretend that they have nothing to do with the situation on the Belarusian-EU border. However, Russian involvement in this matter is obvious. And that’s from the very beginning. The Kremlin’s responsibility is undeniable.


    Identifying the real author of the operation to destabilize the West is crucial for the correct response and response to what is happening in Central Europe. It is the Kremlin that should be put under pressure to stop its creeping aggression against the West.


    Spokesperson for the Minister Coordinator of Special Services

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