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    He sentenced oppositionists. Now he is suspended, but still rules

    Judge Józef Iwulski, who sentenced oppositionists during the communist period, continues to rule. He is lavishly rewarded, and the president of the Supreme Court, Małgorzata Manowska, had to agree to that. The Niezalezna. pl website informed that Iwulski has been in prosecutors’ crosshairs who are investigating whether he exceeded his powers. Similar proceedings apply to other judges. The notification was submitted by Prof. Jan Majchrowski.

    Judge Józef Iwulski sentenced a 21-year-old worker under martial law for distributing leaflets targeting the communist authorities. Despite this, he continues to rule on the Supreme Court.


    In July this year, the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court illegally waived Iwulski’s immunity and suspended him from office, and reduced his salary by 25 percent. Iwulski filed a complaint against this decision.


    “This person should not be ruling. If Judge Iwulski rules, it is a straight road to anarchy and total impunity. Regardless of the controversy that surrounds matters relating to the Disciplinary Chamber, it would be unbelievably destructive to the administration of justice,” said in August Michał Wójcik, Minister in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.


    Iwulski, however, continues to pass sentences. The notification to the public prosecutor’s office was submitted by Prof. Jan Majchrowski, who recently resigned from the Supreme Court. In his letter to the prosecution, Majchrowski stressed that the filing of a complaint by Judge Iwulski does not suspend the execution of the resolution of the Disciplinary Chamber.


    He stressed that already after the decision to waive his immunity, Judge Iwulski had ruled in several cases. The notification indicated that there was a justified suspicion that Judge Iwulski had exceeded his powers and that other judges had failed to fulfill their duties.


    “A judge suspended from the office cannot perform his duties, which undoubtedly include passing sentences,” Majchrowski indicated in the letter.


    Undoubtedly, Iwulski is ruling with the approval of the president of the Supreme Court.


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