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    Poland will continue to stand by the people of Belarus

    Poland will continue to stand by the people of Belarus. We will work together to ensure their desire for democratic transformation is respected and to help them build an independent Belarusian state, our friend and neighbour, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported on Monday.

    On Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement in connection with the thirtieth anniversary of the recognition of the Republic of Belarus by the Republic of Poland.

    The ministry of diplomacy recalled that “thirty years ago, the Republic of Belarus declared its independence as a sovereign state. That same day, 27 December 1991, Poland immediately recognised Belarus, fully acknowledging the Belarusian people’s right and aspirations to freely and independently decide their own fate. Poland, because of its historical experience, understands all too well the importance of having an independent state of one’s own as well as the effort it requires to build one”.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that one of the pillars of Poland’s foreign policy has been and is the policy of good neighbourly relations, and in the development of our bilateral relations Poland has always been guided by respect towards the Belarusian state and nation.


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