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    The Border Guard signed agreements concerning the construction of a dam on the Polish-Belarusian border

    Yesterday the Border Guard signed three major agreements, which are milestones in the process of building a dam on the Polish-Belarusian border – said Deputy Minister Maciej Wąsik on Tuesday (4 January) during a press conference. The dam will be over 186 km long.

    Deputy Minister Maciej Wąsik recalled that the Chief Commandant of the Border Guard appointed a plenipotentiary for the construction of the dam on the Polish-Belarusian border.


    “A team for the preparation and implementation of state border security was also established,” said the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration.


    The deputy head of the Ministry of Interior spoke about the progress of work on finalizing and signing the agreements. All important issues were presented at team meetings by the attorney and the Border Guard. The team also reviewed and approved them.


    Brigadier General Wioleta Gorzkowska, Deputy Chief of the Border Guard, stressed that the construction of the dam is a strategic investment.


    “This is the largest construction investment in the history of the Border Guard. I am very pleased that in such a short time – within two months – we were able to work out solutions and contract the construction of the dam,” she said.


    The Deputy Chief Commandant of the Border Guard also presented details concerning the construction of security on the border with Belarus.


    “The construction of the barrier will be carried out over 186 km and will be divided into four sections. This is to shorten as much as possible the construction time and to conduct parallel construction works,” argued Brigadier General Wioleta Gorzkowska. 


    As part of the dam construction, separate contracts were awarded for steel components and construction works. The execution of the steel spans was entrusted to a consortium of three companies – POLIMEX MOSTOSTAL SA, which is the consortium leader, as well as the companies MOSTOSTAL Siedlce Spółka z o.o., Sp.k. and Węglokoks SA. Two contractors will be responsible for the construction works: BUDIMEX SA, and the consortium of UNIBEP SA (consortium leader), and BUDREX Spółka z o.o. 


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