"The author of the winning book, which will be selected from the final five, will receive PLN 50,000 for further scientific development," Honorata Ogieniewska from the Promotion Center of the University of Lodz told PAP (Polish Press Agency) on Monday.

The Jury members - prof. Krzysztof Jasiecki, prof. Ryszard Kleszcz, prof. Anna Legeżyńska, prof. Włodzimierz Nykiel, prof. Tadeusz Sławek, prof. Rafał Stobiecki, Fr. prof. Andrzej Szostek and the chairman, rector of the University of Lodz, prof. Elżbieta Żądzińska - at the meeting on January 10, decided that there were five publications in the final of the 7th edition of the competition.

70 works published in 2020 were submitted to the competition. As Ogieniewska emphasized, this is almost a record in the history of the nationwide award granted by the University of Lodz. In all editions so far, nearly 430 scientific publications have been submitted.