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    Before yesterday, Romania’s centrist President, Klaus Iohannis, secured a second term in office after winning the presidential election run-off, easily defeating his opponent, the socialist former Prime Minister, Viorica Dancila. Iohannis has pledged to resume the judicial reforms slowed down by successive Social Democrat governments.

    Both candidates spoke with the press as they visited their local polling stations to cast their own votes. Iohannis underlined that his re-election would be crucial for Romania maintaining good relations with the EU.

     ”Good morning. It’s a very, very important day, I have voted for a modern, European and normal country. I invite you all, dear Romanians, to come and vote. It’s an extremely important day. We vote for the future of Romania and the path that Romania will follow. Today, the champions are those who have the voting stamp in their hands. Dear Romanians, you should all be champions today.”
    Dancila on the other hand stressed the need not to let one man become too powerful and promised to better protect Romania’s national interest”- says Incumbent President and Leader of National Liberal party, Klaus Iohannis.

    ”I have voted so that Romania can move forward, not backwards to the times when we didn’t have rights or freedom because one man only had all the power. I voted for a mandate at Cotroceni that will have more involvement, more work, more respect and commitment to the Romanian people and our national interests. I have voted with all my heart and from the bottom of my heart for Romania and Romanians.
    According to two exit polls, Iohannis won in a landslide, winning between 64 to 67% of the vote. In his victory speech, the President stated that his win was also a victory for a European Romania”- says Leader of The Social Democratic party and former Prime Minister, Viorica Dancila. 

     ”Romania has won! The modern Romania, the European Romania, the normal Romania has won today! The Romanians were today’s heroes. The number of people who went out to vote was impressive. This is the biggest victory of today, the fact that the Romanians went out to vote.”
    President Iohannis was the main obstacle to a succession of socialist governments which according to critics lead Romania on a collision course with the EU, along with its Central European peers Poland and Hungary”- says Omanian President and Leader of National Liberal party, Klaus Iohannis.


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