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    Police dogs in Poland [PHOTOS]

    German Shepherd Dog, Belgian Shepherd Dog, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler, and many more – these are the breeds of dogs that can serve as four-legged officers in Poland. They have to be healthy and between 1 year and 2 years old to start the training.

    The training of police dogs lasts from about 4.5 to 6 months, depending on the type of course. The Police Kennel Club in Sułkowice conducts the central selection of dogs for service. Most of the dogs are patrol-tracking ones, and they are used for the patrol service and for tracking human traces. 


    There are 471 of them in the Polish Police. 72 of them are tracking dogs especially used during the tracking and searching. The Police also use their strong sensitivity to smell –  99 dogs help by smelling explosives, and 164 by smelling drug odour, as reported by


    Police dogs are diligent students every day. For example, on April 15th, 2022, the dog handler and Max after demanding training received a certificate at the Police Cynology Department in Sułkowice. Max is an 18-month-old Dutch Shepherd and now also a police dog. He will be on duty with his handler and secure mass events. His skills also allow him to take part in the search for missing persons, search the area and track human traces. The purchase of the four-legged officer was financed by the Provincial Police Headquarters in Łódź. 



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