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    Meanwhile in Poland: A running moose on the roof of the mall [VIDEO]

    In Elbląg, on the roof of the shopping centre “Ogrody,” residents saw a moose on Tuesday morning. They were even able to capture an unusual event on video. The animal was caught by the city guard and is now in a safe place.

    The moose in Elbląg (Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodeship), before appearing on the roof of the shopping mall, had visited the city.


    On Tuesday at 8 a. m., the person on duty at the Elbląg City Guard headquarter received an unusual phone call. It turned out that a moose was running on Szarych Szeregów Street. Earlier that day, the animal was seen in Modrzewie Park. When the city guards were on their way to the given address, the person on duty got another call. This time the moose was spotted at the entrance to the underground parking garage of the shopping centre “Ogrody” (Gardens – editor’s note).


    Before the guards reached the mall, the moose was already on the roof of the building, where there is an upper parking lot. “After securing the site, a vet was called to anaesthetize the animal for the duration of transport to a safe place,” the City Guard of Elbląg reports. 


    A video with a moose running on the roof of the shopping mall became viral.




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