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    PLN 5.5 million to “Overcoming homelessness. Homeless people assistance program”

    46 entities received funding for activities aimed at counteracting and solving the problem of homelessness for the amount of PLN 5.5 million. This year’s edition of the program is called “Overcoming homelessness. Homeless people assistance program” and consists of supporting entities in adaptation, inspiration, and promotion of innovative activities in this area.

    A person rarely becomes homeless because of a single factor. Most often, homelessness is a result of severe different factors that have changed the lives of thousands of people. 

    The reasons for such difficult life situations could be unemployment, poverty, family breakdown, addiction, domestic violence, debt, eviction, or personality disorders.


    Polish government issued a special help for those in need. The program is divided into 4 modules:


    Module 1: Prevention – Homelessness prevention by carrying out preventive measures.

    Module 2: Support for the homeless – Conducting intervention and activation activities aimed at the homeless.

    Module 3: Infrastructure – Supporting entities in adjusting their facilities providing services for the homeless to the applicable standards.

    Module 4: Innovation – Inspiration to implement new solutions in the field of helping the homeless.


    “Such a wide scope of the program allows us to subsidize various types of activities. All of them have a common goal – to fight the homelessness crisis and help those who are struggling with it,” Deputy Minister Stanisław Szwed emphasizes. 


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