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    'Today we ate a terrier.' Russian soldier's shocking confession

    The Russian military fighting in Ukraine has serious food supply problems, the Security Service of Ukraine claims. In support of this thesis, it publishes an intercepted conversation of a Russian soldier who laments that he had to eat a Yorkshire terrier dog.

    “You know, it’s f**ked up. We have our a**es kicked by Ukrainians. We have nothing to eat. Today we ate a Yorkshire terrier” – wrote a Russian soldier staying in the Russian-occupied Kherson region in correspondence quoted by the Security Service of Ukraine.


    According to the soldier whose correspondence was intercepted, “logistics do not work in the army, which makes it impossible to deliver goods”. The man asked the caller for a loan to buy food.


    On Monday, the Security Service of Ukraine – citing another intercepted conversation – reported that Russian soldiers were ready to kill their generals, forcing them to attack Ukrainian army positions.



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