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    Holy Mass for the Beatification of the Elizabethan Martyrs murdered by the Red Army

    On Saturday, 10 nuns, murdered by soldiers of the Red Army in various parts of Silesia and the Czech Republic in 1945, will be beatified in the cathedral in Wrocław. The Elizabethan sisters pinpoint that the nuns died defending their honour and other people lives. The preparations for the beatification are accompanied by the slogan “Faithful to love”.

    10 nuns, brave women who stood up for what they believed. Brutally injured and murdered by soldiers of the Red Army, they become Advocates with God for us.

    Father Zdzislaw Kijas (OFM Conv) pointed out that the Elizabethan sisters were nurses and cooks, one of them was the headmistress and the other a sacristan. They were martyred in defense of the values that flowed from faith that spoke primarily with the language of the heart.

    The nuns experienced violence themselves. Their intercession can help to heal the heart from all hurt and violence faced by people today. Let us invite them into our lives, to accompany us, help us live faithfully in love, and boldly face everything bad. Let us pray for peace and the preservation of the world from war.

    On behalf of Pope Francis, the rite of beatification will be performed by His Eminence Cardinal Marcello Semeraro, prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

    “There are values ​​that need to be fought for and that are worth fighting to the end. Bearing in mind the motive of martyrdom, the second thing that is striking about the nuns is aggression against their corporeality. It is a beauty of the body, which is also a great value itself. They gave their lives to defend the integrity of their bodies. They convey through their martyrdom that the body is also precious, but the spirit “carries” the body, and in defense of what flows from the spirit, it is also worth defending the purity and integrity of your body”, emphasised Father Kijas.



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