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    Kaczyński: “Case concerning post office incident is 'closed'”

    Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of Poland’s ruling party, Law and Justice, has drawn a line under a scandal involving the firing of a post office manager, who complained about rising prices in Poland.

    The man at the heart of the scandal, Michal Cieslak, a minister for local governments at the Prime Minister’s Office, quit his post on Wednesday evening.

    A local newspaper reported on Tuesday that, Cieslak had gone to a post office in Pacanow, southern Poland, to collect his mail.

    As he was a local MP, the office manager recognised him and complained to him about rising prices. According to the paper, Cieslak did not like what he heard and asked the woman’s superiors to dismiss her. She was then summoned by her chief who threatened to fire here her owing to her behaviour. In the end, the woman kept her job after a short time spent on suspension.

    On Wednesday, Cieslak announced that after a talk with Kaczynski, who is also a deputy prime minister, he would resign from his position in the Prime Minister’s Office.

    Kaczynski said, in an interview with PAP, that he considered the matter concerning Cieslak as “closed.”

    “Minister Cieslak acted honourably by resigning… and thus he leaves himself open many options for the future,” Kaczynski said.


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