Transport that was prepared by the National Food Group S.A for the people affected by the war in Ukraine included e the most-needed food products, i.e. flour, oat flakes, sugar, groats, fruit and vegetable preserves, and sweets.

The Deputy Marshal of the Senate, Maria Koc emphasizes that now 17 tons of the most needed products will travel to Ukraine along with the donations from the National Food GroupS.A.

"The products will not go to warehouses or intermediaries but directly to those who will benefit from this help - to the people who are waiting for it. Poles have big hearts and I am sure that they will help Ukraine because they know that today Ukraine, which defends itself against Russian aggression, is also fighting for Poland."

“It is a great chance for Poland because almost all aid for Ukraine goes through our country and is associated with it. It is an opportunity for us to continue the cooperation with Ukraine after the war is over”,  the Member of the Board of the Foundation for the Development of Regions, Rafał Tomala emphasized.