The Germans were in the lead for most of the game, but the Poles had their chances - in the 33rd minute they led to a 59:59 tie, but in the end of the game more strength, and calmness were kept by their rivals, who led by Dennis Schroeder of the LA Lakers to a 10-point lead (76:66) less than three minutes before the buzzer ending the fourth quarter.



Schroeder again played the main role, as he did in Bremen in July, in the World Cup qualifying match (lost by the Poles 83:93). The LA playmaker hit two three-pointers and was also able to hold the ball for a long time, which was advantageous for the hosts. It was the Poles who were in a hurry, but again their efficiency was disappointing. Balcerowski was less strong in the battle under the baskets, but so were his colleagues, who often interrupted the Germans' actions with fouls. These, however, were effective at the free throw line. Two minutes forty-six seconds before the end, after a Schroeder shot, the hosts led 76:66. In the next action, Voigtmann blocked Ponitka and the fate of the meeting was basically decided.



Poland - Germany 69:82 (14:19, 9:17, 26:18, 20:28)