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    Edward Mosberg, a Holocaust survivor, has died

    Edward Mosberg, a Polish Jewish Holocaust survivor, who made outstanding contributions to the development of Polish-Jewish dialogue and was a laureate of the prestigious Gregory I the Great Prize awarded by the monthly magazine ‘Nowe Państwo,’ has died. He was 96 years old.

    Edward Mosberg was born on January 6, 1926, in Kraków. He was a Polish Jew who survived the Holocaust. A prisoner of the German concentration camps in Płaszow and Mauthausen. He was 13 years old at the outbreak of World War II. Most of his loved ones were exterminated in the Holocaust. In 1951, he arrived in New York and lived in the United States until his death. The ‘From the Depths’ Foundation awards Distinction to the Righteous to Poles who saved Jews during World War II. This Distinction is named after Edward Mosberg. 



    He participated many times in memorial ceremonies in former concentration camps. In May 2019, the Polish President awarded Edward Mosberg, a citizen of the Republic of Poland and the United States of America, the Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland for his outstanding contributions to the development of Polish-Jewish dialogue, for spreading knowledge about the role of Poles in saving Jews.


    In 2020, the late Edward Mosberg was awarded the Gregory I the Great Prize by the editors of the monthly magazine ‘Nowe Państwo.’


    “Thank you very much for appreciating my work in educating people about the Holocaust. I always preach the truth and nothing but the truth, and I work every day to deepen good relations between Jews and Poles. Because I believe that together we can achieve more. I accept this honour today on behalf of my entire family and the 6 million Jews and 2 million Poles brutally murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust on Polish territory,” Mosberg said at the ‘Strefa Wolnego Słowa’ (Eng: Free Speech Zone) gala.


    He preached the truth and nothing but the truth until the very end. He died at the age of 96. 



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