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    Tomasz Grodzki defends himself against accusations of accepting bribes

    During yesterday’s press conference, speaker of the Senate Tomasz Grodzki defended himself against the accusations of him accepting bribes while working in one of the hospitals in Szczecin. Grodzki presented a recording of a man who claimed that he was offered 5 thousand zloty if he confirmed that he gave Grodzki a bribe. As journalists of TVP Info gathered, the voice of the man in the recording belongs to a certain Tadeusz Staszczyk, who allegedly was once an officer of the Communist Security Office in Szczecin.

     ”I wanted to state, that on December 30th 2019, I was approached by a man who claimed to be from the hospital. As I recently had a diagnostic endoscopic procedure there, I thought he came to me in regards to that, so I let him in. He took out his wallet and offered to pay me 5 thousand zloty, given I write a statement saying that doctor Grodzki accepted me into to the hospital only after he demanded, and took money from me. This is a dirty lie and defamation!”- says Tadeusz Staszczyk, former patient of Tomasz Grodzki.

     ”The witness presented by speaker Grodzki was once an officer of the Department of Security, which is clear from the documents of the Institute of National Remembrance. The man was surely ill and came to professor Grodzki for treatment in the hospital, however the question in mind is why he was chosen as the person being paid off by Grodzki. The past of this witness casts a shadow on the entire story”- says Dorota Kania, editor-in-chief of TV Republika.


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