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    A 17-year-old from Wielkopolska got into one of the best universities in the world!

    According to the technology journalist Maciej Kawecki, Yale University confirmed that Dawid Kopik is the only Pole this year who was admitted to this one of the three best universities in the world. Dawid is 17 years old and comes from the small town of Gola near Leszno.

    “The first year is the time when I can choose what I will study. However, I am almost sure that I want to challenge myself to study two majors: economics and computer science.”, Dawid said.

    Kawecki: “Dawid Kopik has a lot of sides – he has been successful in such fields as business, economics, computer science, physics and mathematics. He is, for example, the winner of the “Business idea” competition, the winner of the “Mathematical Kangaroo”, or the finalist of the largest space-themed competition in Poland “Cosmic Challenge: Pathfinder”.

    He also finds time to help others.

    “Not only does Dawid have an idea for his future, but also for the world around him. He is also involved in local volunteering activities, and from this year he wants to become a mentor (study abroad) to help young people make their dreams come true.” (

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