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    Amendments to the Act on the 500 Plus Benefit were adopted by the Sejm

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    On Friday evening, an important vote took place in the Sejm regarding amendments to the Act on State Aid for Raising Children. The amendment to the Act provides for an increase in the 500 plus benefit, which will increase from the current PLN 500 to PLN 800 from January 2024. The decision was supported by 406 MPs, while 45 were against and no MP abstained.

    “We want to increase the amount of the upbringing benefit from the ‘Family 500 Plus’ programme from PLN 500 to PLN 800 per month for each child from 1 January 2024. No other conditions concerning the granting and payment of this support will change.”

    Voting in favour of the amendment to the law were 228 MPs of the ruling party Law and Justice, 121 MPs of the Civic Coalition and 42 MPs of the Left. Groups such as Konfederacja, Polska 2050 and Porozumienie defended the opposite position. It is also worth mentioning one Civic Coalition MP, Klaudia Jachira, who also voted against the amendment.

    It is worth noting that the Sejm had earlier decided to reject the motion put forward by the Confederation, which was to reject the bill in its entirety. This final vote confirms the changes in social policy regarding support for families with children.

    The increase in the 500 Plus benefit is good news for the thousands of Polish families who benefit from this support. The increase to PLN 800 will enable parents to better meet the needs of their children and improve their quality of life. Since its introduction, the 500 Plus programme has received a positive reception in society and has contributed to reducing child poverty and increasing access to education and healthcare.

    However, critics raise the issue of financing such a programme and its impact on the state budget. The increase of the benefit by PLN 300 per month generates significant costs that will have to be covered. Supporters, on the other hand, stress that the 500 Plus programme has a positive impact on the economy, stimulating consumption and supporting local markets.

    The amendment to the Act on the 500 plus benefit is another step in the effort to improve the living conditions of Polish families. The increase of the benefit amount by 300 PLN is good news for many people who count on this support. The final vote in the Sejm shows that there is broad support for this initiative, which gives hope for further measures to support families in Poland.

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