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    Christmas Surprise Found at Central Square Reconstruction Site

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    While renovating Warsaw’s Central Square (part of Defilad Square – PAP), construction workers stumbled upon a historical gem – a likely vintage Christmas bauble in one of the pre-war tenement cellars.

    Archeological Revelations

    This festive find adds to a series of archeological discoveries during the project. In late November, workers uncovered the floor of a pre-war tenement, and earlier in the summer, they revealed remnants of Wielka and Złota Streets’ infrastructure.

    Preservation Efforts

    Prof. Jakub Lewicki, the Mazovian Provincial Conservator of Monuments, expressed excitement about the unique cobblestone fragments and former structures found. Ongoing research aims to meticulously explore the site’s past.

    The Evolution of Central Square

    The construction area was once filled with secessionist tenements before being transformed into the 50-hectare space around the Palace of Culture and Science. Streets like Chmielna, Złota, Szelna, Śliska, Pańska, Zielna, and part of Marszałkowska were erased in the 1950s.

    Recreating the Past

    Post-documentation, the final design of sidewalks and greenery will mirror the network of old streets and the 1939 building layout. The plaza’s pavement, crafted by A-A Collective architects, will feature six types of stones, recreating the outlines of bygone tenements.

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