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    Government Fails to Deliver on CPK Project Deadlines

    The governance under the current government has been marred by a series of failures, particularly evident in the mishandling of critical infrastructure projects. The most recent example of this incompetence is the Central Communication Port (CPK) project, where delays and unmet deadlines underscore a concerning lack of efficiency within the government apparatus.

    At present, the CPK company finds itself in a desperate bid to extend the deadline for the completion of the application process regarding the airport’s location decision. A request for a 30-day extension has been forwarded to the Mazovian Voivode, highlighting the swift descent of what was once touted as a flagship project into a bureaucratic quagmire.

    Turning back the clock to October of last year, the government proudly unveiled the Multiannual Program, boasting a substantial PLN 155 billion earmarked for the CPK project until 2030. This substantial financial commitment was intended to facilitate smooth progress, encompassing crucial aspects such as design, property acquisition, and construction. However, as we stand today, the reality paints a starkly different picture, with missed targets and unfulfilled promises becoming the norm.

    Recent revelations regarding internal audits conducted by CPK shed further light on the severity of the situation. Reports spanning various facets, from airport infrastructure to financial management, are now under scrutiny. Of particular concern is the acknowledgement that, due to a lack of viable offers, the company has been unable to finalize a tender for financial auditing. This decision to opt for an in-house solution raises legitimate questions about transparency and accountability.

    Building the Central Communication Port (CPK) will be a huge step forward for Poland’s economic and strategic interests and has been confirmed as being economically viable and profitable. The CPK will cement Poland’s role as the most important country in CEE carrying up to 60 million passengersWith Chopin Airport in Warsaw rapidly reaching capacity, a new transport hub in CEE would also help the EU to expand and bring further opportunities into the EU.

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