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    Government Unveils Ambitious Project to Renew Prefabricated Housing Complexes

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has unveiled an ambitious project to modernize and revitalize the iconic prefabricated housing blocks that dot the landscape of Poland’s cities and towns. This initiative is a key component of the Law and Justice (PiS) party’s campaign as the country gears up for the general election scheduled for October 15.

    These prefabricated housing blocks, constructed from large slabs of concrete, serve as a reminder of the post-war communist-era architecture and have long been a fixture of the Polish urban landscape. While they hold historical significance, many of these structures have begun to show signs of ageing and are in dire need of restoration.

    Morawiecki announced the “Friendly Housing Estate” program, a comprehensive effort designed to modernize and rejuvenate these residential blocks. In his statement, he emphasized the scale of the project, noting that over 8 million Poles currently reside in such housing estates and emphasized the need to make the entire country more “friendly” for its citizens.

    “We want all of Poland to be friendly to its people,” Morawiecki declared during the unveiling of the initiative. “Our goal is to ensure that housing estates are not divided into better and worse ones. We aim to raise the living standards of all residents.”

    The prime minister emphasized that the primary objective of the PiS party is to bridge the divide in Polish society, eliminating the notion of an “A and B” category of living standards. To achieve this, the “Friendly Housing Estate” project will encompass the modernization of prefabricated residential blocks across the nation, coupled with the development of parks and open spaces in their vicinity.

    Morawiecki believes that this initiative will be a significant breakthrough for the residents of these housing estates, providing them with better living conditions and fostering a sense of community. He concluded by asserting that it is only the Law and Justice government that can successfully implement this ambitious project.


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