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    KSW 77: Mamed Khalidov knocks Mariusz Pudzianowski out 

    Mamed Khalidov knocked Mariusz “Pudzian” Pudzianowski out in the first round of the fight of the evening at KSW 77.

    The duel between Mariusz Pudzianowski and Mamed Khaldov went down in a flash. The clash of the evening between the legendary strongman, who has continued his sporting career in MMA for years, and the fighter considered the best ever in KSW ended in the first round.

    Khalidov better than Pudzian

    Khalidov knocked out Pudzianowski with an impressive throw, and ‘Pudzian’ was not even helped by the fact that he brought significantly more weight into the cage. At the official weigh-in, his weight pointer showed 117.5 kg, while Mamed’s was ‘only’ 93.3 kg.

    Khalidov had a definite advantage on the ground and after a series of blows to the back of the head, Pudzianowski was unable to continue the fight. The referee stopped the duel.

    The winner admitted immediately after the clash that it was a one-off performance in this weight category.

    “Listen, I have to say it today. There is an era coming to an end. I’m throwing down the gauntlet here and I’m not fighting at heavyweight anymore,”

    Mamed said.

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