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    PM Announces Imminent Appointment of KNF Financial Watchdog Head Within the Week

    Prime Minister-designate Mateusz Morawiecki announced that the appointment of the new head of the financial watchdog KNF is expected within the next week. The decision, he noted, will be made in consideration of the current head of the KNF, Jacek Jastrzebski’s term, which concludes on Thursday, November 23.

    Morawiecki emphasized that the selection process will adhere to legal procedures and timelines associated with the expiration of Jastrzebski’s tenure. “As far as I know, this is still at least a week… , but certainly, neither earlier nor later can these decisions be taken, only by the law, in accordance with the procedures,” he stated.

    The impending change in leadership has raised concerns among opposition parties, slated to form the new government. They fear that the outgoing ruling party, Law and Justice (PiS), may utilize this opportunity to appoint a KNF head aligned with their interests. Such an appointment could potentially impede the transformations envisaged by the incoming government, particularly in state-owned companies and banks.


    Rising Violence at Poland-Belarus Border: Migrant Attacks Intensify

    The situation at the Poland-Belarus border is becoming increasingly volatile as incidents of aggressive attacks by illegal migrants on Polish border services escalate. Despite efforts to disarm these migrants, the environment remains highly dangerous, with the situation worsening daily, according to the Minister of National Defense.