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    Poland Summons Russian Ambassador and Issues Formal Note of Protest

    A spokesperson for Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reported that on Friday, Russia’s ambassador was called to appear and given a formal note of protest.

    Poland summons Russia’s ambassador

    According to Łukasz Jasina, a spokesperson for Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Andreev, Russia’s ambassador to Poland, was summoned to the ministry on Friday. During the meeting, he was presented with a formal note of protest regarding the recent call made by Russian politician Pavel Astakhov for “the murder of the Polish ambassador.”

    “On 5 May, Ambassador Sergey Andreev was summoned to the MFA. The representative of the Russian Federation was handed a note of protest regarding the statement by the Russian Federation’s former commissioner for children’s rights Pavel Astakhov calling for the murder of the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Moscow. The Polish side protested firmly against this situation and urged that criminal proceedings be instituted immediately and the perpetrator be punished without delay,”

    MFA Spokesperson Łukasz Jasina wrote on Minsitry’s website.

    As of April 29th, the authorities in Warsaw have reportedly seized control of a secondary school building claimed by the Russian embassy in Poland. The move comes following a court ruling which determined that the building had been illegally occupied and did not have diplomatic status. Both the Polish government and Warsaw’s City Hall had previously confirmed the building’s status, leading to its takeover by local authorities.

    Russian official accuses Poland of violating Vienna Convention over the ambassador’s treatment

    Pavel Astakhov, a Russian politician, appeared on a television program hosted by Vladimir Solovyov on Sunday, just one day after a recent incident. During the program, Astakhov accused Polish authorities of violating the Vienna Convention and referenced Poland’s ambassador to Russia.

    During a televised program hosted by Vladimir Solovyov on Sunday, Russian politician Pavel Astakhov made a concerning statement. Astakhov stated that he was waiting to hear whether the Polish ambassador to Russia would be found “floating in the Moscow River” in reference to a recent diplomatic incident.

    This follows a previous incident where Russia’s ambassador to Poland, Sergei Andreyev, was doused with red paint by protesters during a visit to a military cemetery in Warsaw last year.

    These events have further strained relations between Russia and Poland, which have been deteriorating over the past few years due to a range of political and economic issues, including the conflict in Ukraine. The comments by Astakhov are likely to escalate the situation further and could result in diplomatic consequences.

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