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    Polish freak fighter dies at the age of 29 

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    Mateusz Muranski, actor and Polish freak fighter for the Fame MMA and High League federations, has died. A relative of his found the body at home.

    A member of Mateusz Muranski’s family has informed the public about the death. The district prosecutor’s office in Gdansk has confirmed soon the sad news. 

    “A family member reported the death of Mateusz Muranski, whom he could not reach by phone. Officers went to the scene and found the body, the activities including an expert examination were carried out, the death was confirmed without the involvement of third parties,” spokeswoman for the district prosecutor’s office Grażyna Wawryniuk told RMF FM

    In brief, Mateusz Muranski has become famous as a Polish freak fighter of the Fame MMA and High League federations. Moreover, he gained popularity by fighting in the cage as part of so-called freak fights, i.e. fights fought not by professionals, but by people known for other activities.

    In addition, Mateusz Muranski has also made a name for himself as an actor. He appeared in the series “Lombard. Zycie pod zastaw” and in Jerzy Skolimowski’s Oscar-nominated film “IO”. 

    The cause of the death of Mateusz Muranski is not known at this time. Investigators are currently explaining the circumstances of ‘Muran’s’ death.

    He was 29 years old.

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