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    Remembering Miriam Aleksandrowicz: The Iconic Polish Dubbing Actress Passes Away at 65

    Renowned Polish dubbing actress, Miriam Aleksandrowicz, recognized for her iconic voice roles in popular fairy tales and films such as ‘The Lion King,’ ‘Duck Tales,’ and ‘Babe the Sheep-Pig,’ has sadly passed away at the age of 65.

    The Union of Stage Artists (ZASP) took to social media to announce the news of Miriam Aleksandrowicz’s untimely demise. “With her sudden departure, we bid farewell to an exceptional actress, theatre, and dubbing director, whose impressive career spanned over a hundred Polish language versions of beloved TV series and animated films. Her outstanding contributions in the field of dubbing earned her the prestigious Award for Outstanding Achievements in Dubbing. She was also an esteemed member of the Board of the newly established ZASP Dubbing Section and an ardent social worker on the ZASP Branch in Warsaw’s Board. Miriam Aleksandrowicz possessed countless ideas and plans that she leaves behind. Farewell, Teddy!” – reads the heartfelt entry.

    Miriam Aleksandrowicz’s distinct voice resonated throughout Poland. She lent her talents to the iconic characters in cult films and TV series such as “The Lion King,” “Kajko and Kokosz,” “Chojrak – the Cowardly Dog,” “Foster’s House of Imaginary Friends,” as well as the productions of “Babe the Sheep-Pig,” “Duck Tales,” and “Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers.” Furthermore, she served as the dubbing director for renowned animated series like Asterix, the Muppets, ‘Pinocchio,’ and numerous other captivating productions.

    In addition to her remarkable dubbing career, Miriam Aleksandrowicz graced the screens in various TV series and live-action films, including ‘God’s Lining’ and ‘Removals.’

    Notably, Miriam Aleksandowicz’s mother, Zofia Dybowska-Aleksandrowicz, played a pivotal role in pioneering dubbing in Poland.

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