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    Revolutionary Method for Detoxifying the Body from Drugs Developed by Polish Scientists

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    Polish scientists pioneer a secure and effective drug detox method using Metal-Organic Frameworks. The breakthrough offers hope in combating modern drug-related challenges.

    Polish scientists from the Krakow University of Technology, in collaboration with researchers from Krakow and Lublin, have unveiled a groundbreaking method for removing drugs from the human body. Deemed safe and effective, the results of their research were published in the “Chemical Engineering Journal.”

    Led by Dr. Przemysław Jodłowski, the research team proposes the use of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) as carriers for detoxifying drugs, particularly β-blockers, employed in countering the effects of intoxicating substances. Their work, focusing on administering propranolol in mefedrone overdoses, was detailed in the prestigious “Chemical Engineering Journal.”

    Mefedrone, a synthetic cathinone and a popular illicit substance, poses serious health risks, resembling the effects of amphetamine. Despite its illegality since 2010, its affordability and accessibility contribute to its persistent presence in the black market. The interdisciplinary team addressed challenges related to using β-blockers for mefedrone poisoning, emphasizing the need for a suitable carrier that releases the drug safely and effectively.

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