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    Unveiling a New Astronomical Frontier: Polish Observatory in Chile

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    In a momentous event, the Polish Academy of Sciences’ Astronomical Center inaugurated a cutting-edge observatory in the Atacama Desert, Chile, on Tuesday.

    Exclusive Access to Stellar Insights

    Prof. Grzegorz Pietrzyński highlighted the unprecedented year-round access to all five telescopes at the Cerro Armazones Observatory (OCA), managed by the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center PAN.

    Cosmic Distance Measurement Quest

    The primary research focus is measuring cosmic distances, deemed one of contemporary science’s most challenging tasks. Scientists aim to contribute to establishing a universal yardstick for measuring the universe.

    Illuminating the Cosmos

    Understanding the physical dimensions of the universe enables a deeper exploration of its composition and evolution. Accurate distance measurements facilitate insights into energy emissions from studied objects.

    Scientific Aims and Collaborations

    The OCA Observatory has initiated seven projects, with plans for extensive international collaboration, data collection, and instrument development. Future projects include the study of star clusters and advancements in quasar physics.

    A Green Power Milestone

    Poland joins the USA as the only countries with their observatories in the Atacama. OCA stands out as the sole facility fully powered by “green energy,” utilizing 65 solar panels covering 106 square meters.

    Toward the Largest Telescope in Polish History

    With five telescopes already operational, the OCA anticipates completing the sixth, a 2.5-meter mirror telescope, by 2025. This landmark instrument is set to become Poland’s largest telescope for cosmic observations.

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