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    Marshall Grodzki's speech regarding EU budget negotiations deemed 'anti-Polish'

    Many political commentators are still criticising the speech given on Friday by the Marshal of the Senate, Tomasz Grodzki. The Marshal criticised the stance of the Polish government regarding the EU budget, as well as its veto of the linking of the budget to the rule of law.

    In his speech, the Marshal of the Senate from the opposition accused Poland and Hungary of disregarding the democratic rule of law, and described the actions of the Polish government as dangerous. He also described the announcement of the Polish veto regarding the EU budget as being the turning point in our history.

    “I appeal to the government officials: please return to obeying the rule of law and the conflict with the European Union will go away on its own.” said Tomasz Grodzki in his speech.

    MEP from the ruling Law and Justice party, Zbigniew Kuźmiuk described Grodzki’s words as “scandalous”. In his opinion, the standpoint of the Marshal is in direct opposition of the stance of the government, especially given the fact that the negotiations are ongoing.

    “It’s an absolute scandal. Firstly, the Marshal of the Senate has no right to comment on foreign matters in such a way. Secondly, what he said was in total opposition of the standpoint of the government.” commented MEP Kuźmiuk.

    According to professor Zbigniew Krysiak, the president of the Schuman Institute, this speech is only strengthening the position of Germany and weakening the voice of the Polish government.

    “The Marshal unfortunately gives away arguments to the other side, at the same time showing that there are some Poles who think otherwise, thus undermining the position of prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki.” stated professor Krysiak.

    Other politicians let Grodzki have it on Twitter:

    “Mr. Grodzki, take off your German uniform and start thinking like a Pole.” said one Twitter user.

    “Betrayal in its purest form. It felt like a speech from a foreign and not a Polish politician, with only a Polish translation. Shame on you Mr. Marshal.” followed another.

    Meanwhile Tomasz Sakiewicz, the editor-in-chief of “Gazeta Polska” weekly, called the speech lawless.

    “We are dealing with complete lawlessness. The last time we had something like that, Poland was partitioned.” commented Sakiewicz.

    Political commentators are mostly united in saying that such statements from Polish officials weaken the negotiation position of Poland at the talks regarding the future EU budget.



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