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    New regulations regarding a stay in Poland

    During the Tuesday meeting, the government adopted a draft law on amendments to the law on the entry into the territory of the Republic of Poland, residence and departure from this territory of citizens of European Union Member States and their family members.

    This draft adjusts Polish law to the provisions in force in the European Union.

    As Deputy Minister Bartosz Grodecki explained, this project is mainly adaptive – it is about ensuring that Poland applies the solutions adopted in the agreement on the withdrawal of Great Britain from the EU. According to the proposed changes, UK citizens will be issued with residence permits, similar to those issued to EU citizens, but with an appropriate annotation. The post-Brexit transition period lasts until the end of December, so it is important that the new rules enter into force from the new year.

    Another change concerns the possibility of the Border Guard to conduct an environmental interview and to check the place of residence of an EU citizen in the event of a suspected marriage of convenience. A similar solution already exists in the Act on foreigners.


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