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    45 years of Warsaw Central Railway Station

    Warsaw Central Railway Station is celebrating its 45th birthday. The construction of this city centre landmark lasted 1100 days and was completed on December 5th, 1975.

    Warsaw Central Station is one of the most recognizable in Poland which has become part of the landscape of the capital. At the beginning of this century, the city was planning to demolish the building in order to construct a new one, however, the idea was not implemented because of a lack of money and the city authorities made the decision to renovate it in 2010. 

    The construction of Warsaw Central Station began in 1972 and lasted three years. In 1975, the station won the title of the most beautiful central station in Europe. One of the first passengers of the station was Leonid Breżniew, Secretary General of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The construction of the station was filmed and can be seen in a popular Polish tv series called ‘Czterdziestolatek’. 

    Warsaw Central Station is one of the most characteristic buildings in the Polish capital. 


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